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Our Mission

Tough as Nails is a not-for-profit organization based in Brooklyn, New York. Our goal is to give women a moment to feel beautiful in a possibly not-so-beautiful period of their lives. We host events at chemotherapy centers where we give soothing hand massages and glamorous manicures for patients who may be experiencing the unfortunate side effects of their treatment. As many may know, chemotherapy can take a toll on the patients' nails, bumpy ridges will form, they may become discolored, brittle and have a hard time growing. Doctors and nurses recommend painting nails in order to protect them from UV damage due to the increased sensitivity to the sun, which is a side effect of certain treatments.

We aim to bring a service and a joy to people who might not necessarily be able to get to a nail salon, and who could use a little break from their day so they can feel beautiful and pampered.

The Event

The recipients will be treated to a 15-30 minute manicure process. All of the products used are as natural as they can be, and "Three-free" (not using: toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde). Our goal is to help encourage nail growth and lasting strength, not to harm them or the person they are attached to! There is also no cuticle cutting or pushing, or nail clipping. The risk of accidentally cutting someone and making them susceptable to infection is absolutely not on our to-do list. Only light filing will happen, just to make sure the nails aren't sharp or jagged, ensuring the recipient can't scratch themselves. When it is time for painting, there will be a set of designs that women can choose from, or they can just get a plain color!

If you or your organization are interested in hosting a Tough As Nails event, please visit our Events page where you can contact us about scheduling and location. Currently, the only events we are able to participate in must be in the NYC area, including Long Island and certain areas in New Jersey. Please don't hesitate to reach out and see if we are able to come to your area.


Founded by Kate Baldwin in 2013, Tough As Nails has been her project of passion. As an all-around creative person, she found a love for nail art years earlier. Constantly painting her nails and learning new techniques, she began to do others' nails and loved seeing the look of excitement on their face when she had finished. After seeing someone dear to her go through chemotherapy, she witnessed the disheartening side effects it has on patients' bodies and spirits. Painting their nails, she realized it could be so much more than just a hobby. There could be a meaning to something so simple as painting someone's nails, and she began to develop the idea of Tough As Nails.